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My Students are Very Happy Now!

March 17th by V Wadhwa

Yesterday, a band showed up for a surprise concert in my class room… It was great; my students jumped for joy.

“Since security threats are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, our enterprises needed a full solution comprising of both the technology and services component of security logging, monitoring and reporting. Furthermore, we required protection against threats from malicious users from within our own network as well. W3sec has built a unique, and frankly brilliant, approach for security monitoring services in a co-managed model with the customer based on the DMA-III processor matrix platform delivered as an in-box solution. The customer can get several benefits through by this solution of high flexibility, and the manager can monitor every aspect of the customer’s activity, to scrutinize it for¬†malfeasance.”

Gregory Stotch, P.h.D.
Research Analyst Intern, Infosec Services